Mayor: City Council working with me is critical to Hoboken’s progress

Dear Friends, 
Please take the time to vote in tomorrow’s critically important
City Council Election, and bring your friends and neighbors out
to the polls with you. 
I want to keep moving our City ahead, but I need a Council
that will work with me. 
Please vote for the future of our City by voting for:  
Eric Kurta – 1st Ward
Tom Greaney – 2nd Ward
Greg Lincoln – 3rd Ward
Rami Pinchevsky – 4th Ward
Peter Cunningham – 5th Ward
Jen Giattino – 6th Ward 
The future of our City is truly at stake. 
Over the last two years we have made tremendous progress.  
Despite continuing to pay dearly for the costly mistakes of the past,
we’ve introduced a budget with a 10% tax cut and a 5% cash reserve,
so we can lower borrowing costs and taxes in years to come. 
We’ve changed our City’s approach to development, ending
years of overdevelopment in which developers profits were put
ahead of the needs of our residents. 
We’ve transformed our Parking Utility from an agency where
almost $1 million of quarters disappeared to an agency that provides
innovative transportation solutions like the HOP and Corner Cars,
making Hoboken easier to get around both for people who own cars,
and people who do not.
We are well on our way to saving our hospital and releasing
the city from its $52 million bond obligation, but I am going to
need a Council that will work with me, not against me.  The current
sales agreement is the ONLY way we can save our struggling hospital.   
Our Progress is fragile.  It has come against strong opposition
from City Council members who would like to turn back the clock
to a time when subsidizing things for the connected few was what
government did.   
We have close elections in every Ward, so please call and
email your friends throughout the City and encourage
them to  vote.
With your help, we can win back the opportunity to keep the
progress going.  
Thanks very much for your support.
P.S. Stop by the headquarters at 1st and Willow to volunteer
tomorrow and/or Tuesday! 
P.S.S. Find your Polling Place HERE

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