Beth Mason’s last gasp: one more Mason411 smear and midnight flyer for the road

One day left before Hoboken’s critical council wide elections and Beth Mason’s online smear machine Hoboken411 is back into overdrive taking one more shot to both knock off her opponent Tom Greaney and depress voter turnout with its usual negative fare.  
After last week’s revelation by her former campaign manager of her announced disinterest in the 2nd ward, an attack flyer attacking him appeared the next day and just for fun, her people have responded to the revelations about her less than flourishing 12 year business she trumpeted with links to her hired consulting firm’s office in Lyndhurst, NJ by attacking Grafix Avenger in a new flyer last night.  (It was pre-announced by GA’s Russo insider Deep Uvula too.)
None of this matters unless it distracts you from the work needed to Get Out The Vote (GOTV).  This is what determines election results and your efforts now though Tuesday 8:00 pm are what matters.  If you have any time, it’s more valuable than any amount of money to elect good candidates to protect the integrity of this town.  Just engaging people, your friends, your neighbors to vote is the difference from Hoboken going back to black and white “On the Waterfront,” past or moving forward in the 21st century in spectacular Blu-Ray.
Reform is a grass roots operation, not a money powered, we buy elections with tons of paper ballot votes that works like a drug cartel business.
You will determine Hoboken’s future.  Or you will allow Beth Mason’s political operatives to impact the vote just enough to keep her and her illegal majority on the City Council operating.  That’s not a typo – her council majority is based on a lie: the illegal installation of Tim Occhipinti via massive voter fraud.
So it comes down to YOUR VOICE.  Or if you don’t defend this fine Republic where Hoboken actually appears on a map within its borders, you may turn it over to Beth Mason’s continued operation such as seen on Mason411 against Hoboken.
Here’s Beth Mason’s friend Lane Bajardi who is the first voice of her cancer spread at every turn, even backing Peter Cammarano here not a day before his arrest.  After Beth Mason’s crushing defeat in the 2009 spring mayoral race, some of her political operatives took up with Peter Cammarano: call it a career saving move.
Well Mason411 has done its filthiest worst, now it’s the voter’s turn.  Or do you want to let people like this dictate its future?
Don’t be distracted:
Talking Ed Note: Not a day after the article on Scott Delea’s campaign heist of MSV’s Peter Cunningham photo on his mailer appeared here, he finally responded several days later (but not by phone) via email to say he’ll have his people look into the copyright issue, but he’s unclear what’s it about.  Way to man up, that’s integrity Scott.  Not!
How to Delea a Thief?
This even though he’s put out only one flyer and it isn’t hard to determine the origins of the photographs he himself used and approved.  Or is someone else running Scott Delea’s campaign?  Let us know who those people are and MSV will be happy to follow up on the latest remake of “To Catch a Thief.”
Alrighty then.  Da Horsey wrote back regarding Scott Delea’s people “and said they can get back to my people.  (I’ve already contacted my attorney Alex Booth.)  We’ve asked how many copies of the flyer with the unauthorized MSV photo went out but we’re not holding our horse breath awaiting a reply.
When a thief is caught red handed, they run – the other way.  So we’re not taking the passive aggressive email response too seriously.  After the law catches up though, we’ll see about that.
Is a Scott Delea remake in order?

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