Mayor calls special meeting for Saturday on repealing November municipal election ordinance

In a continuing chess game to alter the municipal election landscape, Mayor Dawn Zimmer is calling for a special City Council meeting this Saturday to repeal the ordinance moving municipal elections from November back to May.

A quorum is needed for the meeting to begin, scheduled for Saturday at 9:00 am.  A majority of five votes is required to reverse the ordinance originally shifting municipal elections from May to November.

Frank “Pupie” Raia and Councilwoman Beth Mason have put resources behind reversing the ordinance via referendum.  The effort produced sufficient signatures exceeding the required 2200 submitted to the City Clerk’s Office.   Now the effort may not see a vote in a November election with little compelling reasons for Hoboken voters to show up.

6th ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino stated her intent to attend during the usually quiet Labor Day Weekend saying, “I’ll definitely be there.”

The only item of local interest this November is a Freeholder race between incumbent Anthony “Stick” Romano and Kurt “Giant” Gardiner.  Assemblyman Ruben Ramos is on the ballot for re-election but has no opposition.

The council minority led by Mike Russo and Beth Mason has been feverishly fighting to keep the municipal elections from being moved to November where 45% more voters are typically expected to show up at the polls based on an earlier Hudson Reporter story.

Councilwoman Giattino “definitely attending” Saturday’s
Special City Council meeting

Talking Ed Note: Frank Raia will not be happy with this potential repeal nor his committee colleagues Hoboken Democrat Chair Jamie Cryan and 2nd ward resident Franz Paetzold.

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