Hurricane with a Purpose

After missing two consecutive City Council meetings, people were asking where Councilwoman Beth Mason was as there was nothing heard from her or her army of consultants in recent weeks.

Beth Mason at the HHA after the Hurricane.
Then not hours after the hurricane jetted out of town early, she held a meeting at 12th and Washington, an office she’s retained since her spring Council campaign and for the Assembly run for Ruben Ramos. Most recently the office was used for the referendum to move municipal elections back from November to May.
Scott Delea back with
Mason at HQ
The meeting featured Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, 5th ward unheralded ally Scott Delea and political operative Matt Calicchio who was seen on videotape stealing a Jen Giattino sign from a business’ window in broad daylight.
It’s not clear what topics were discussed but apparently one agenda item was “Hurricane with a Purpose,” a plan to get some good pictures taken handing out water and crackers to HHA residents.
Councilwoman Mason is familiar with the HHA, well at least in an electoral sense as she’s run an absentee ballot campaign there.  In 2009, just like Tim Occhipinti, she had page after page after page of paid “campaign workers” who all voted absentee.

Grafix Avenger shows the above photo was spliced earlier.  Da Horsey didn’t know:
Mason photo courtesy Friends of Beth Mason’s Facebook page who love Da Horsey

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