Mandatory sick leave ordinance on small business on tap @ 7:00

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The ordinance to force local businesses to give mandatory sick leave is up on second reading. Sponsored by Councilwoman Terry Castellano and Beth Mason, it was suppose to be a layup but the Hoboken small business community has slowly woken up to the hit job. (No conversations or meetings were held when the ordinance was originally put up and it caught many by surprise.) Perhaps after the local Chamber of Commerce is finished patting itself on the back, they’ll show up and do something.

Or maybe not.

More ordinances of significance: no. 3 disallows cruel leashing and no. 4 is a big one on the NJ Transit (Rail Yard) plan.

Resolution 17 proposes suspension of parking fees to all City parking facilities every Saturday through December 21st to help Hoboken business. One can guess that will receive a unanimous vote.

The full agenda:

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