Hudson Reporter claims award as federal investigation smoke around Carmelo Garcia explodes into cauldron

MSV’s personal analysis on last week’s breaking federal investigation news in Hoboken

The late Friday bombshell by way of John Heinis at The Hudson County View shifted the smoke signals emanating out of the Hoboken Housing Authority seeing it form a mushroom-like nuclear base.

Federal investigations confirmed after months of troubling actions coming out of the Hoboken Housing Authority under the reign of former Executive Director Carmelo spells big trouble for him and the Old Guard who backed him to the hilt desperate to see the controversial undocumented massive downtown redevelopment Vision 20/20 politrickeryed a fait accompli.

Preceding the revelations of federal investigations, the HHA Board of Commissioners again approved the hiring of a special counsel Thursday night to examine what they had been blocked by the former Executive Director from seeing. A similar resolution passed in May saw HUD Newark intervene stopping a special counsel investigation into millions of dollars in illicit spending.

Not three months later, HUD itself followed with its own lambasting in August after Garcia’s termination exposed a growing mountain in the millions of dollars of procurement issues there. With these latest developments, the curtains are being pulled back on the former Banana Republic of Carmelo Garcia.

In no small irony, the pro Old Guard Hudson Reporter proclaimed it was issued a “Best Business of the Year” award from the local Chamber of Commerce last weekend. The Old Guard may be losing the reins on public institutions and its hand on the wheel of money but that demonstration of coziness comes at an awkward time.

Carmelo Garcia finds himself the center of attention as word late Friday the Department of Justice division OIG 
is currently investigating contracts at the Hoboken Housing Authority during his watch.
There’s at least one confirmed federal investigation ongoing at the agency.

The pat on the back from the Chamber doesn’t mean a porno film can be nominated and win an Academy Award for Best Picture but it makes it more not less likely. Lets’ not ask what possible objective criteria were used; this is about the worst example of back scratching in a relationship predicated on incest as one can illustrate in the Mile Square.

The Hudson Reporter has much to atone to the Hoboken community. It’s censored letter publishing record is legendary in activist circles and its venom toward the Reform community long known and understood. MSV published a letter submitted from a group last week challenging Stevens on a proposed building outside of existing zoning standards.  The Hudson Street Alliance has tried for several weeks to have its difference with the local university aired as part of a public policy discussion to no avail.

That’s a mere current crumb as MSV has heard similar over the years and aired it in only the most restrained fashion. The Hudson Reporter editors have to put it politely been oddly restrained to say the least in reporting to the public the full facts of what’s transpired under Carmelo Garcia at the Hoboken Housing Authority.

When HUD slammed Garcia’s attempt to illegally approve a contract for Charles Daglian, the Hudson Reporter ignored the story of the contract being “legally flawed” then and since. Its coverage of late has been not much better as it reluctantly acknowledged millions of dollars in illicit procurement by Carmelo Garcia but closed its eyes on the agency’s own auditor report MSV exclusively reported last July. Not a single column inch was expended on that huge story.

This past weekend was no exception to that rule. It detailed extensively charges by Carmelo Garcia in his third civil lawsuit filed against Mayor Zimmer, the City of Hoboken, the Hoboken Housing Authority and its board but failed to remotely outline the corresponding issues pouring out over months pointing weakly (and quite improperly) to HHA chair Dana Wefer as the focus of “allegations.” For the first time, it reluctantly acknowledged (toward the end of its story) most of Mister Carmelo’s amended lawsuit tossed on the first pass was also sent to a watery grave. MSV has been highlighting their obstruction on this point for months.

If an official connected to Reform sneezes, the Hudson Reporter jumps on it ready to proclaim it a potential Ebola epidemic. Ask Councilman Ravi Bhalla how that’s worked out for him. When election time last November came, the organized Old Guard assault on Bhalla was greeted warmly on its pages. Beth Mason thanks them to this day for their loyalty in that failed effort. Is she an intimate advertiser influencing “news” coverage or a bona fide business partner? Oh the transparency… not!

MSV has a more personal critique when the Hudson Reporter editors working with Beth Mason’s fishy political operative tried to pawn off a dual hit job here and against Grafix Avenger. Caught en flagrant delicto, both Hudson Reporter editors hid from scrutiny or any question and flushed a so called Hoboken blogosphere story. It was a declaration of war on alternative news media and clearly their self-viewed monopoly on the Hoboken information domain.

Several months later in the summer of 2012, the Hudson Reporter released a story on a lawsuit against a dozen or so Hoboken residents by a long alleged Beth Mason political operative who denied ever acting on her behalf in such capacity. The Hudson Reporter feigned not knowing anything about its own direct relationship with said Beth Mason political operative pushing the Beth Mason party line toward destroying competing voices in Hoboken.

The word conspiracy comes to mind. The legal latin phraseology escapes us but not competent lawyers. We’ve seen the true enemies of the First Amendment and it’s not us. We’ll just look in the general direction of the guilty and attempt a horse whistle uptown.

As the biggest corruption story in Hoboken unfolds since convicted felon Mayor Peter Cammarano’s arrest for corruption in 2009, the Hudson Reporter can take a bow. The Old Guard and Beth Mason loves you, especially Mister Carmelo.

Now let’s step back to get a better view of the mushroom cloud forming over a corner of Hoboken.

This picture is believed forming right now over southwest Hoboken where the Hoboken Housing Authority resides.
Or is it more like midtown Hoboken on Bloomfield Street? Only the Feds know the answer for the moment.

Talking Ed Note: Tonight it’s the regular City Council meeting moved to Monday due to the League of Municipalities being held this week in Atlantic City. Beth Mason is again scheduled to be hosting queen of desserts for State Senator Steve Sweeney. Surely the road to purchasing a NJ Lt. Governor’s seat isn’t that easy.

It says here it ain’t.

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