Liberty Humane Society clears record on misinformation and fabrication

The Liberty Humane Society based in Jersey City appeared at the last council meeting and spoke about providing services for Hoboken.  Here is a clip where their policies are spelled out.  The are an open admissions shelter accepting all animals including sick, those mistreated and injured.  They have no policy of killing animals in seven days as was fabricated by Hoboken411.

In the short video below Liberty Humane Society explains they have had dogs for more than a year and animals for several months on average and for their policy of care have NO TIME LIMIT.

They deserve your support and MSV kindly asks if you would do so:

Here is a short video clip where a representative explains this to the City Council and clears up the false allegations made by Hoboken411 and Tim Occhipinti.

Talking Ed Note: The woman speaking on behalf of the Liberty Humane Society is not shown in this clip. We have no idea why the cameraman didn’t move the camera on her when she was speaking.

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