Hoboken woman fired for “hotness”

A Hoboken resident was recently hired then fired working for a lingerie store in Manhattan due to her to being too “hot.”

In an economy where jobs are scarce, Lauren Odes took a job with Native Intimates only to find her attire at work an issue.  Finally, after being forced to wear a red bathrobe at work, she went shopping to find another outfit accommodating to the owners only to be contacted and told she was being terminated.

She’s filing a discrimination case against the owners with high profile attorney Gloria Allred.

The story is receiving heavy media attention.


Talking Ed Note: Hopefully the publicity will aid Lauren Odes in finding a better employment opportunity. A similar case occurred with Citibank back in 2010. Debrahlee Lorenzana though refused to accept a settlement negotiated by Gloria Allred and was critical of her handling of the case after the cameras were gone.

That story came out earlier today:


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