Election Shocker: 16% of Stick Romano’s vote – VBM

Once again the stench of yesterday’s election is lingering due to the Vote By Mail ballot.  Grafix Avenger is reporting Anthony “Stick” Romano earned fully 38% of his vote with suspect paper ballots.

The paper ballot harvest was bountiful in the 4th ward just like last November 

The unofficial total of Vote-By-Mail Ballots for incumbent Anthony “Stick” Romano is 616.

The 4th ward generated 574 absentee ballots, the vast majority from the 4-4, re: the Housing Authority.

4-4 paper ballots – 240
4-3 paper ballots – 161
4-1 paper ballots – 114

The fourth ward mathematically fails to fit any statistical model.  One could call it yet another “Anomaly” as former Tim Occhipinti campaign spokesman David Cruz of Jersey City called it a year ago.

The average Hoboken voting district had 29 vote by mail ballots.  That is far outside any mathematical deviation in EVERY Hoboken voting district.

Paula Dow, Paula Dow please take your call at the Hoboken Electoral Fraud Courtesy Desk.

Attorney General Paula Dow, the highest law enforcement officer in the State of NJ in Hoboken last September.
Freeholder candidate Kurt Gardiner, (2nd row left)  enjoys the moment

More to come.  Promise.

Talking Ed Note: Hey are you folks really going to top yesterday’s election traffic.
The giant earthquake is obviously hitting.

Original Ruben Ramos Anthony Stick Romano graphic courtesy Grafix Avenger.

Correction: MSV relied on information posted elsewhere on the percentage of VBM for Romano.
The correct figure is actually 15.7%

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