BLOCKBUSTER BREAKING: City IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi arrested by FBI

According to a tweet by Hoboken Patch editor Claire Moses, the Hoboken IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi is under arrest and has surrendered to FBI authorities.

Ricciardi was removed from work at City Hall when the Mayor’s Office contacted FBI authorities last May and is allegedly the focal point of an investigation involving City documents and email.

Charges on what is anticipated to be the City Hall Data Theft Ring coming.

Ricciardi is facing charges of leaking confidential information and intercepting communications to Mayor Dawn Zimmer herself.  Ricciardi setup a separate file to automate intercepts to another folder – communications to and from the Mayor according to the complaint.

Ricciardi has reportedly confessed to forwarding the illegally obtained information to others.

In addition, Ricciardi also set up an intercept file for two other employees in the Mayor’s Office.

Last May when the FBI first visited Hoboken, then Council President Beth Mason sought to obtain all emails for the mayor’s senior aides.

MSV was part of local media targeted as part of Councilwoman Beth Mason’s single-minded attempt to get the mayor’s office communications along with Reform oriented websites The Hoboken Journal and Grafix Avenger.

It’s unclear at this moment how the Data Theft Ring may connect to these activities.

A security audit last May led to the uncovering of the security breach.

This story is BREAKING!

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