Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi “Let Me Know if You Want to Pursue More Aggressive Tactics Than Just Walking Past Him”

The subject of much paranoia in this public email is one Hoboken Horse who asked occasional questions in City Council chambers of a second ward councilwoman.
This leads to much insular frothing of political operative mouths, a horse is gumming up the works, re: Beth Mason’s destiny to rise to higher political office.
As for the delusions flying around, there’s not much reality here but there is plenty of venom on what to do against the MSV editor.
What action do you think this little Beth Mason pow-wow led to exactly?
Below is a true and complete email between Beth Mason (, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi, Lane Bajardi, James Barracato with Richard G. Mason from work at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz from March 13, 2010. Best to read from the bottom up.

Talking Ed Note: Submitted for your approval and further thought/opinion:

  • Someone thinks it’s better to not have questions posed to the boss. The preferred option? Have him arrested. (Beth Mason has been trying to get this MSV editor arrested of late. More on that later.)
  • Someone else who has never met the MSV editor eagerly offers to take “more aggressive tactics.” Does this sound like a civic issue oriented activist? 
  • Someone wants help to sue people and is seeking “any assistance” to do it. Sound familiar?
  • Can anyone perform an analysis on the loony rantings? “Permit hatred to silence those who seek to expose those…” This one is above the psychiatric pay grade of a horse.
  • Echo chamber bubbles devoid of reality are dangerous, especially when there’s a big fat family checkbook laying around.
  • Beth Mason wants suggestions on what we should do.”

These are my takeaways based on my analysis and opinion. Others might offer more probing insights.

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