Beth Mason former senior political advisor connects the dots in the Lane Bajardi lawsuit: “frivolous lawsuits we call them”

The Beth Mason political operative who came in from the cold
According to a January 9, 2014 deposition in the Bajardi v Pincus civil litigation, decades long Hudson County political operative Tom Bertoli describes how the use of “frivolous lawsuits” was broached against the escalating impact of Hoboken residents commenting online, re: bloggers.
Detailing the Beth Mason campaign as an epic disaster, Bertoli testified what led to him leaving her campaign and Mason’s distant third place finish to fellow council members Dawn Zimmer and Peter Cammarano. 
A long time Hudson County political operative, he admits to inadvertently putting together a toxic political stew in the Mile Square, introducing Beth Mason to James Barracato who he says began working for her full time in 2008. Barracato was recently named as the mastermind of the infamous Nazi Truck.
Bertoli on a list of defense witness last month in the Lane Bajardi trial didn’t have to testify as the entire case was abruptly thrown out of court.
His deposition testimony however was determined so explosive, so damaging to Lane Bajardi in advance of the trial his attorney Jonathan Z. Cohen would issue a subpoena to the Mayor of Jersey City, Steve Fulop. 
Although, Mayor Fulop had absolutely zero bearing on any aspect of the civil proceedings, Bertoli has been a long time political advisor to Fulop’s rising political fortunes in Hudson County and beyond. Beth Mason and her family gave over $50,000 to Fulop’s opponent, former Jersey City Mayor Jerry Healy in the 2013 Jersey City mayoral race.
Issuing a subpoena for Mayor Fulop to testify as a witness was thought by the defense counsel a way to see Bertoli stopped from appearing. The sworn testimony Tom Bertoli gives below offers ample reason as to why.
Bertoli describes his role on the 2009 Beth Mason for Mayor campaign:
The subject of the Beth Mason people discussing using the courts  to stymie bloggers with “frivolous lawsuits:” 
Suing “bloggers” i.e., online commenters in the Hoboken blogosphere and Lane Bajardi:
Lane Bajardi being a “smart” political operative for Beth Mason:
The Lane Bajardi – Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi lawsuit as a Beth Mason asset for political purposes with the Nazi Truck and midnight fliers in the November 2012 Move Forward campaign:
During this portion, Pincus is directing questions to Bertoli and the discussion turns to the Lane Bajardi – Kimberly Cardinal $2,000,000 civil lawsuit:

Tom Bertoli further recounts his direct conversation on the Lane Bajardi – Kimberly Cardinal lawsuit with James Barracato:
Talking Ed Note: More on all this surfaced with a Grafix Avenger story and how the wave of news coming out about the Lane Bajardi Kimberly Cardinal litigation is upsetting the Old Guard:

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