Just your email can aid research for those with Cadasil

Please, help those afflicted with Cadasil by  sending an email in support of doing reasearch for CADASIL to:

Dear Friends,
In early August 2011, a small group of people from the CADASIL community gathered in Columbus, Ohio for a get-together. We welcomed Dr. Joseph F. Arboleda-Velasquez, a research scientist from Harvard University, as our guest speaker. Joe (as he prefers to be called) shared a Power Point presentation that gave us great hope for a significant delay of a CADASIL patient’s onset of stroke. Joe’s research could lead to more studies on changing the course of CADASIL, possibly adding years to a patient’s life before a first stroke. Many people affected by CADASIL would consider that a cure!
If you wish to learn more about Joe’s research project, you can check out this video from the Ohio gathering, along with any others before or after this section:
Joe has submitted a grant request for financial assistance to the AHA/American Heart Association, to further his efforts in CADASIL research. (CADASIL can affect every system of the body.) “(CADASIL) syndrome is the most common monogenic inherited form of small vessel disease.”
We are not asking for money, only a simple acknowledgement of your support for Joe’s research by sending an email (blank or brief) to the address provided below.
Time is of the essence in this matter, so please send your email today to:  by simply clicking reply and send
Please forward this message and any other information you feel is appropriate, to other people in any country on your email list, and encourage them to send an email to the AHA also. (The AHA may not have time to read the emails, so leaving the message area blank is perfectly fine.)
We will contact the AHA with the number of electronic signatures we collect (every unique email address is considered an electronic signature) in hopes it will influence their financial support of Joe’s research. Your email address will not be used for SPAM. It will only be used to count as a vote in favor of the research.
Attached to this message is the letter we intend to send to the AHA after we collect sufficient support. Please feel free to share this document with others as well.
The more email, the better for CADASIL research!

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