Mason mailer hits. Lies so good, you gotta mail them – Citywide!

If you thought you’d seen it all with a late flurry to save the hospital and Hoboken taxpayers from a $52 million bond liability, you must not have checked your mailbox.  Mayor-in-exile Councilwoman Beth Mason opted to take her screed of fabrications on the pending sale of the hospital from email right to your mailbox.

If you missed it the first time, she wants you to know:

  • a lawyer who sat quiet on the management board of the hospital during $20+ million losses years earlier claims he was bullied on a fraudulent bankruptcy and it’s the unfounded accusations now that you should value
  • her favorite website has more “news” with its iron hand of censorship of which she generously approves and content she controls you should believe 
  • the mayor is backing a re-election bid for Gov. Christie even though one doesn’t exist
  • Holdco’s financing deal to keep the hospital a hospital is not true, it’s really a sale to a out of state “developer” – with making more condos their goal.

In doing so Mason shows she’s all in for one last bid to muddy, stall and possibly kill the sale to Bayonne’s Holdco and see the hospital close.  All in the apparent belief she’s finally found a silver bullet to kill her nemesis, Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who handily trounced her in two mayoral elections in 2009.  Ambition and revenge trumps saving the biggest Hoboken employer and a $52 million bond over the heads of the Hoboken taxpayer, but that’s how Mason rolls.

As the critical days to the finish line and an important bankruptcy date in Newark Federal Court approaches Wednesday, everyone and their mother are jumping out of the closet with a bat to assault the hospital that is laying in a bed on a respirator and begging to get a swing at the Hoboken taxpayer.

Donald Scarinci has gone to the media claiming the bankruptcy was forced.  The long time childhood friend of Sen. Bob Menendez is long on accusation but hasn’t shown any evidence to support his claim.  Last week a judge made one apt observation on the New Jersey power broker describing some of his actions with creditors as “ill advised.”

Tim Carroll who has covered the Hoboken beat before joining PolitickerNJ was delivered a sumptuous meal by someone who wanted everyone to know that a delivery was made to federal law enforcement in Newark.  Sufficient to move ahead or just filed away is what the story doesn’t say.

Now State Senator Loretta Weinberg is saying investigate it as well.  Among the outstanding $34 million in creditors listed are the hospital unions who hold the Senators ear close.  Oddly, it was the nurse’s union head Virginia Tracy who spoke at the public hearing in Hoboken at Our Lady of Grace Church saying the hospital was only down about “a million dollars” which was nothing and there was no reason to change the status quo.  Unfortunately, that approximate figure touched the union where it counts – in their pocketbook and now it’s they who appears on the creditor’s list.  Now it’s a big problem.

Talking Ed Note: This is some of the nastiest, ugliest politics Hoboken has seen in recent days, well at least until the next local election.  (We can only say days because with Beth Mason on the scene, you never know how much lower in the murk things will go.)

MSV will be back next week with more on the hospital.  No one has followed it as closely, not the Star Ledger, not the Jersey Journal, and many hospital board meetings passed without a reporter or anyone from the public attending.

In the interim the hard efforts continue to save the hospital as it has little money left to operate pending the sale, while others such as Beth Mason have been “seeding” money to other places trying to forestall the deal to the only bidder who can save and deliver a hospital: Bayonne Holdco.

Beth Mason’s minion meanwhile is going hysterical on Hoboken Patch throwing around the retreaded canard Holdco is looking to build condos and desperately selling the fabrication that adding a devaluation deed restriction is useful, when anyone paying the slightest attention knows that would be the final blow to Hoboken University Medical Center’s last chance to survive.  Holdco would see its financing cancelled by that action.

People have been arguing that a seven year guarantee to remain open is inadequate.  As Holdco met that obligation set by the HMHA, the hysteria of lies just continues.  What do you think their endgame is after seeing the hospital shuttered?


If you didn’t get the Mason email blast, well now you have it in your mailbox!  Note the City of Hoboken seal atop the letter.  So now the second ward Councilwoman represents all of Hoboken.  Wheely?

Here’s the Beth Mason email blast from earlier this week (except the headline):

Beth Mason: Together we can succeed and get that hospital closed!

From the desk of Councilwoman Beth Mason

Re: Operation Sabotage the Hospital Sale

Here’s Councilwoman Beth Mason’s latest screed and she’s getting lots of mileage in fabrications out of this one.  There’s lots at stake with complications where a former lawyer working for the hospital is now suing as his firm is on the list of creditors and he claims that $34 million in debt was not enough to push the hospital management firm into bankruptcy.

After years of bleeding losses in the red, it flies in the face of reality but a court will rule on the matter.  In the interim, there’s a hospital sale to sabotage and Beth Mason is going all out to do so.

Without getting into the particulars of the numerous fabrications presented here, is there anyone of sane mind that would even remotely call her favorite fascistic website a “local news source?”

There’s one retreaded falsehood that the mayor has endorsed the Governor for re-election.
What re-election?

A failed bidder was consistently given every opportunity to show they could obtain the financing to purchase the hospital.  They never have and here is Beth Mason once again insisting the opposite is true.  This while she claimed the financing for Holdco with a million dollar downpayment was inadequate in the City Council.  Wheely Beth?

When Councilman Dave Mello brought out in a council meeting he had been contacted by this bidder after their bid was rejected, he inquired who else was speaking to them?  No one on the City Council spoke up and the matter was quickly hushed up.

Now after seeing this trotted out once again, how much do you wanna bet that the Beth Russo hydra has been working against the City of Hoboken and illegally operating in back room negotiations with this Connecticut based firm?

If there was an ordinance for treason, the legal punishment would be a slam dunk.

(Click below to enlarge if you have a strong stomach.)

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