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Da Horsey recently celebrated its two year anniversary serving our fine metropolis.  Now that the hoof is thoroughly wet and with anticipated busy tidings ahead due to our federal guests, it’s time to focus on offsetting costs of time and money.

MSV is looking to add features such as podcasts and revenue becomes necessary to take the vision to the next level much as other websites like the Young Turks.

If you don’t take a little responsibility in keeping the endeavor going than you can always suffer with the pathology of lies from Hoboken/Mason411 and senior editors who don’t live here and have other interests distinctly varied from your own.

Have you seen any questions put to the City Council members who tried to kill the hospital?  There’s nothing but crickets from the local media and the talking point the hospital staged its own bankruptcy is moot with its closure days away without a sale.

On the most critical issue facing Hoboken today, there’s been zero accountability by the senior editors of local media outlets in the Mile Square.  Zero.

With that, the market is king.  So as you will.  The thousands of readers can help this website offset some of the cost in time and effort or not.  Da Horsey hopes you will.

Please consider:

Pony Stable member – $4.95 one time contribution or

 Ruffian $25

Affirmed $50

SmartyJones $100


$500 Secretariat  

  No Paypal account required.  Just hit continue on the middle lower area of the linked page to make a donation with a debit or credit card.  Thanks!

email for mailing address.

Talking Ed Note: Just a public note of thanks for those who have already kicked in.
Thank you very much for supporting a Watch Horse!

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