Horse Sense: With time running out, the answer from Gov. Christie on a presidential run must be yes

Gov. Chris Christie finds himself in a unique position.  He’s late to the big dance to seek the Republican nomination but the nation’s dour mood plummets and Americans wonder where the bottom is with the worst economy since President Jimmy Carter. As the Governor considers the odds, the will and the logistics to run, his largest advantage is balanced almost equally by the creeping if not racing calendar.

It’s a battle of leadership vs. the primary’s receding timetables.  Gov. Christie, love him or hate him exudes the leadership Americans crave.  He’s taken on the big tasks with gusto and a bluntness surprising even by New Jersey standards.

On the perils the State is facing, he looked into the eye of the largest deficits of any State in the country on a percentage basis and made real 9% cuts without raising taxes and balancing the budget.  In two consecutive years, he’s shown no hesitation to do what’s needed to save the State making enemies of special interests who have made other State officials cower at the thought of even considering the taxpayer against their desires.

In the face of that political climate, Governor Christie didn’t even flinch.  He just made the hard calls for all of New Jersey. There is no kicking the can down the road with Chris Christie.  It sets him above and beyond any political candidate announced or not on America’s electoral horizon.

Your in good hands.  The Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno greets Councilwoman Beth Mason at the July 1 Council swearing in ceremony.  If Gov. Christie is out of State on a temporary (or permanent basis) she’s in charge.  Did you know the Lt. Governor was a sheriff?  Looks like Beth Mason knows.  

On the flip side is the lack of time to hit the ground running in Iowa, New Hampshire and also Florida.  He’s way behind in awareness, infrastructure with merely weeks left before those states completely take over the momentum battle in a nomination.

From a logical standpoint, there’s not much to consider.  It’s too late for the battle to begin for your campaign when professionals like Mitt Romney have been running for years and setting up a national campaign infrastructure effectively longer than you have held office.

But is this a normal election cycle?  Is the standard calculus with the economy so paramount to most Americas immovable for a candidate with the courage and bravery to speak the truth on what needs to be done TODAY?  Can the Age of the Internet act to offset in a positive way organization on the ground to get the message out and win the Republican nomination?

These are not normal times.  The void at the top in America is so apparent, even Democratic leaders in Congress are not bothering to move on President Obama’s jobs bill.  When your own party sees your keynote legislation on the economy as a non-starter you’ve really hit rock bottom.

The question is where does this put America?  These are difficult times not just for where we stand today but where the existing roadmap takes us.  Currently, there is no leadership to tackle the “big issues” as Gov. Christie might call them and turn things around while there is a window to do so. This nation is a ticking time bomb and the problems are reaching a fork threatening to become a tsunami of negative outcomes.  The need for political courage to stop this freight train is overdue.  The train has left the station.

Time waits for no man.  And time calls of its own accord, not according to any manmade clock.  It’s time for Governor Chris Christie to answer to the bells of time and step up to the challenge of running for President.  This nation doesn’t have any time to lose.

Governor Chris Christie, this nation calls on you and your family to serve America in this perilous hour.  With the challenges of the primary clock as equally menacing as the nation’s problems, there can only be one answer.

It’s time.

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