Jersey Journal: ‘No tax cutter in Hudson like Mayor Dawn Zimmer’

In an old world media shock, the Jersey Journal headline confirms what close Hoboken observers well know:

“Hoboken leads way in Hudson in holding line on taxes”

The story features a photo of Mayor Zimmer stating it’s a fact – Hoboken taxes were reduced a whopping 10% according to statewide tax analysis in the NJ Star Ledger, a feat far and away better than any town in Hudson County.  While mentioning other Hudson County towns saw 3% increases, the story didn’t detail how Hoboken achieved its savings.  The battles waged by Mayor Zimmer to reduce spending and cut taxes in Hoboken against MORTe were the closest thing to hand to hand combat in Hudson County budget battles for tax relief.

MORTe – the gang of four Beth Russo hydra coalition has consistently tried to undermine the mayor on the budget trying to compel her to raise Hoboken taxes.  They came very close to depleting the entire 2011 budget surplus only to see the clock run out on their questionable majority when they failed to properly notice a public hearing (thank you Mr. Liston) and amped up their sabotage effort when they fought a pitched battle at every opportunity to undermine the sale of the hospital and force Hoboken into bankruptcy.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer to Hoboken taxpayers: here ya go.  The Jersey Journal noted her efforts have led all of Hudson County with a whopping 10% tax reduction.  Other Hudson towns saw tax increases of 3%.

Most recently, MORTe refused to allow the refinance of the midtown parking garage.  The refinance would have concluded at the exact same time as the existing financing but save the City of Hoboken $50,000 plus $4 million in last year’s budget.  The latest ugly political action to undermine the City and the mayor puts an unknown number of municipal employees needlessly at risk.  Councilwoman Terry Castellano along with her cousin Councilman Michael Russo complain about the subject coming up while taking zero responsibility for creating the conditions for any municipal reductions.

Of course Council members Tim Occhipinti and Beth Mason have been fully aligned and co-conspirators in MORTe’s sabotage with the former complaining about a 34K legal bill on the midtown refinance effort.  Several council meetings back, Councilwoman Jen Giattino noted you would be for the refinance of the midtown garage saving the City of Hoboken an easy $50,000 even with that legal cost if you were a taxpayer.  Tim Occhipinti has never paid taxes in Hoboken and only offers lip service on their behalf while undermining them on behalf of MORTE’s cynical agenda.

In the end, it was that Jen Girl’s victory in the sixth ward last May making these important gains in reducing taxes possible.

Of course MORTe has fought to the death to see the very worst for Hoboken.  Let’s give them their due, they didn’t fail for the lack of trying.  Sadly, municipal employees are facing the impact on their livelihood for their most recent effort.

The naysayers have tried for quite a while to argue Mayor Dawn Zimmer hasn’t cut taxes but that lie wasn’t holding then and it certainly isn’t going to hold now.

On this day, the truth prevails and Mayor Dawn Zimmer stands tall for the taxpayers and all of Hoboken.

Take a bow mayor.

Talking Ed Note: Neither Hoboken mayor wannabes Assemblyman Ruben Ramos or Councilman Michael Russo made the list.  Russo’s dream of being mayor was ended by two stories on MSV.  The first reported his meeting with FBI informant Solomon Dwek and the follow up with the authors of The Jersey Sting, directly led to the release of the FBI surveillance tape making Russo’s stated belief he would one day be Hoboken mayor.  MSV is fine with bringing that to the fore making Michael Russo’s plan less than likely as in never.

Hudson Reporter: Mayor Zimmer kicked butt, she’s #3 on our influential list

Councilwoman Beth Mason here with Fire Chief Richard Blohm was noted in the weekend’s Hudson Reporter’s top 50 list, #41 behind internet bloggers #40 for her “seemingly limitless ability to spend money.”

Mayor Dawn Zimmer had a banner year based on the Hudson Reporter’s list of most influential in Hudson County.  Coming behind only State Senator Brian Stack and Bergen power broker Nick Sacco, one could argue the mayor is the most influential person in Hudson County who holds one local focused position.

Clearly the war she waged on behalf of saving Hoboken University Medical Center played a big part in the designation.  The mayor and her majority appointed hospital board fought a series of savage battles to see the century old institution keep its doors open.  That war fought partly behind the scenes with Councilwoman Beth Mason working with the nurse’s union and others including MORTe to block the sale and then to see the doors closed.

No other Hoboken elected official was ranked anywhere near the top 10 but two, Geri Fallo who runs the City’s cultural affairs department and Councilwoman Beth Mason made the bottom ten.  Fallo for her efforts on behalf of Hoboken’s arts as Director of Cultural Affairs – she runs the well attended spring and fall outdoor festivals and Mason for her ability to write checks thanks to her husband’s earnings in the bankruptcy practice as a partner in Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz.

Hoboken bloggers beat out Beth Mason at number 40.  The relentless formerly mirthful plywood, Redrider, Infotainme and especially Grafix Avenger need to be noted for their almost daily battle for accountability and factual context on any host of topics.

In the battle against false information, it’s these and other bloggers who stood up against Beth Mason’s well financed propaganda machine including her not paid for friendship political operative Lane Bajardi and Perry Klaussen at Hoboken411.

Mason’s political consultant costs easily run over six figures and it’s Hoboken bloggers countering her fabrications – at Hoboken Patch, ‘s Hoboken forum and Hoboken Now every step of the way.  All Mason has left is Hoboken411 where she runs her political operations and fascist censorship silences the truth at every turn.

What does that say about Beth Mason?

It’s only January but the worst is yet to come for the Old Guard and Beth Mason.

Mayor Zimmer photo courtesy of

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