City Layoffs and BoE meeting on tap

Hoboken’s annual budget battle is unofficially underway even with passage of its temporary budget based on a standard state formula at the last City Council meeting.  The bill for the reckless action by MORTe on the midtown garage also comes due and unfortunately and far worse, it’s City workers who will be seeing layoffs as a result.

While Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Terry Castellano are certain to not accept responsibility for costing the City millions on an easy refinance of the midtown garage, their sole reason for doing so was pure politics, the cynical and craven variety.  The refi would have seen the loan paid off at the same time as the original but save Hoboken millions and injected $50,000 too.

Councilman Michael Russo can give those workers an autographed copy of this video where he set them up for failure believing the mayor would not follow through after MORTE’s reckless cynical action.

Once again, they’ll discover they erred at the expense of the people they claim to represent.
Some people have some splain’in to do.  Cue the soundtrack of a shrill Councilwoman Castellano complaining about the talk of layoffs as she pretends not to know why.

A special meeting of the City Council will be held on Wednesday to discuss switching insurance brokers.  The action is anticipated to save Hoboken $48,000. 

Talking Ed Note:  Last night, a report BoE trustee Maureen Sullivan “completed” an application for the state required criminal background check raised more questions than it answered.  Since the deadline to do so came over months in 2011 there’s two questions surrounding the shadowy illumination on the claim.

Maureen Sullivan says she completed the State application.
What’s unsaid is when and if she holds a required State letter of approval.

Since all eight other Hoboken trustees were forthcoming with answers, there’s little question they complied with the law.  Sullivan however emerged with an answer after a period of hiding and skepticism is rampant.

While some want to accept the matter is settled, only a letter showing a letter of approval from the State would suffice.  Today, a highly sought list on the hundreds of statewide BoE members who did not complete the background check in 2011 is hotly anticipated for release.

Tonight’s BoE meeting as a result may be hotter than thought.

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