Jersey City declares itself above the law; will become “sanctuary” city

Mayor Steve Fulop

An story says Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop is prepared to sign over his city to “sanctuary” city status placing it at risk of bucking federal immigration law and losing federal funding.

The details of the pending legislation are not clear in Jersey City but other cities refusing to cooperate with US officials upholding federal law on illegal immigration risk losing federal funding.

Recently, Miami-Dade refused to sustain a similar status choosing not to risk losing over $300 million in federal funds. Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenz said after receiving legal consultation on federal immigration law, he would not jeopardize federal funding in any sanctuary city designation. He noted such funding is clearly discretionary.

San Francisco and other large cities are attempting to stave off the potential loss of federal funds and pursue a legal strategy of opposition in court. That California city made national news on the issue when an illegal alien deported five times previously shot and killed Kate Steinle. The family is suing the federal government for failure to enforce US law. Legislation is pending in the US Congress seeking to impose a five year jail term for repeated illegal entry into the United States. The legislation is dubbed Kate’s law.

President Trump elected last November on a platform of “law and order” and protecting the national security of American citizens is actively taking steps to curtail illegal immigration and the flow of hard drugs into the United States. A wall on the southern border of the United States signed into law in 2006 is expected to see construction in the coming months and may be completed in two years.

At the last Hoboken City Council meeting a partisan ceremonial resolution condemning the federal executive order to temporarily ban travel between seven Middle East countries antagonistic to the US in known terrorist havens lacking cohesive governments saw easy passage.

Councilman Michael DeFusco voiced a desire to put “teeth” into similar legislation and Councilman Ravi Bhalla said he was directing the Hoboken legal counsel to review it.

Hoboken is awaiting final action on $230 million on federal funding for Rebuild a Design, a construction project to protect Hoboken from flooding.

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