Eminent domain against Academy Bus downtown acre passes 9-0 in City Council

The tool of eminent domain for approximately one acre of land in downtown southwest Hoboken is live after the City Council voted 9-0 in favor last night.

Among numerous speakers, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer appeared to speak in favor of passage.
The office of the mayor issues the following statement:

Community: Statement from Mayor Zimmer on Expanding the Southwest Park

Dear MSV readers,

I want to thank the entire City Council for voting 9-0 last night to authorize the use of eminent domain for the direct purchase of land to double the size of the Southwest Park.  This authorization provides the City with a valuable negotiating tool and will ensure that the property can be acquired for a price fair to both Academy Bus and the City of Hoboken. I also want to thank the City Council for their unanimous support for our application for Green Acres funding, which together with our Open Space Trust Fund, will enable us to acquire this property without any impact on our municipal taxes.

My biggest thank you goes to the residents who spoke so passionately about the critical need for more park space without linking it to increased development in our traffic-choked Southwest neighborhood.

Academy Bus is a valued member of our community, and I look forward to continuing the negotiation process with them toward an amicable agreement on a purchase price that is fair to everyone.


Talking Ed Note: Disputes about the negotiations or lack of arose more than once as several employees of Academy Bus rose in opposition.

An appraisal on the property either via negotiations or through legal proceedings will determine the selling price. A vote by the City Council is required to approve the official appraised value of the downtown approximate one acre.

Here is the discussion contained in pt. 1:
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Pt. 2:

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