James Sanford & Jude Tiscornia: ‘Stop Vision 20/20’s RACE BAITING POLITICS!’

Two Column B candidates under Gov. Chris Christie sent out the above mailer forwarded to MSV by a fourth ward resident.

They highlighted the massive scam being perpetuated on Hoboken with a massive redevelopment of the Hoboken Housing Authority being pitched with no binding details, legal or otherwise.  The only details offered came in a  marketing brochure promising to double the density and size of the downtown HHA campus – BY MORE THAN DOUBLE!

When the whistle was blown here and on Grafix Avenger, the cries of racism rose up from those who see only one color: green.

The main proponent of this massive redevelopment is the head of the HHA itself, Carmelo Garcia who was outed in a legal case making secret recordings of political figures trying to set them up as to compromise them later and push forward Vision 20/20.  Some may call that less than transparent process by another name: blackmail.

What followed after no details of a comprehensive plan would be put forward in any legally required MASTER PlAN?  An ugly and tragically comic lawsuit by Ethic Cleanser Garcia against the mayor, her husband and a HHA commissioner who dared as HHA chair to seek rotating an auditor and new legal counsel.

Who supports this obvious scam with no oversight or public review and input?  First, both Old Guard candidates: Ruben Ramos and Timmy Occhipinti and Carmelo Garcia, the Russo family including Michael Russo, Terri Castellano,  Beth Mason and council candidate and HHA commissioner Eduardo Gonzalez.

It’s the absolute shame of the City.

Talking Ed Note: Hat tip to both James Sanford and Jude Anthony Tiscornia for standing up for decency and not allowing Hoboken to be steamrolled by the biggest Hoboken scam since the million dollar theft of Hoboken’s parking meters.

They deserve your support on Column B!

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