Horse Sense: Election Day – It’s Your Turn

Today is Election Day and the polls are open.  Our Republic is only a dream if you don’t preserve it.  This is your day and time to shine by honoring our Founding Fathers, many who suffered and were imprisoned for their effort in the formation of our imperfect union.

The time for arguing, posturing and yelling is over.  While the Old Guard is speaking reasonable in public and mirroring platform positions of Mayor Dawn Zimmer in a rush to sound appealing in their “me too” copycat actions on parks, transparency and good government – what they are doing elsewhere speaks volumes on what they think of you and our public institutions.

Yesterday, MSV released its exclusive feature on the massive voter fraud efforts transpiring throughout Hoboken but focused in the Hoboken Housing Authority and affordable housing buildings.

The exploitation of the poor and most vulnerable should not be lost on anyone.  They perform these actions cavalierly with utter disdain for YOU and the integrity of the vote.

The Old Guard seeks to disenfranchise the vote and their enablers, supporters and apologists say nary a word other than to look away or mouth the ugliest defense calling an honest call for voter integrity by another name entirely: voter suppression.

Today, Hoboken has the will, the ability and the numbers to bury this despicable practice of buying votes in a massive, organized and thoroughly corrupt manner.

Show them what one Hoboken of purposeful mind can do.

Get out and VOTE!

Talking Ed Note: MSV is proud to stand with those who deliver for Hoboken in an open and honest public process making Hoboken better and delivering for all our Hoboken residents.

Stand with Reform:

For Mayor and City Council
For the Hoboken Board of Education

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