It’s Election Day – Please vote, help Kids First! Vote K-L-M

A Special Election Day message from Da Horsey, SmartyJones

Today is Election Day and Hoboken is in a battle for its soul after Hurricane Sandy.

The target of the local corruptocrats, led by Beth Mason’s allowance money from husband Ricky Mason is the $63 million Board of Education.

All the ugliness witnessed: illegal untold support for Move Forward, the Nazi Truck’s FOUR visits in Hoboken, the paid thuggery is derived from Beth Mason’s unquenchable lust for power.

Word on all sides: there’s been severe water damage to the illicit vote-by-mail ballots.
Or as Governor Christie put it himself right here in the City of Hoboken Sunday:

Whether you have children in the Hoboken schools or not, it’s important to continue the progress, undoing of corruption and protect the integrity of our schools:

VOTE: K- L – M
Drop by 626 Bloomfield Tuesday starting at 7 AM, to grab a Kids First T-shirt, a Kids First button and Kids First voter information cards. Hold a campaign sign. Hand out literature. Only an hour of your time will make a difference in this very close election where every vote counts! 
Please also vote YES on Referendum Questions #1 and #3.

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