Cunningham: ‘Vote K-L-M, watch for Mason backed Move Forward voter fraud’

From the desk of Council President Peter Cunningham:

Good evening friends, family and neighbors, 

I hope we are beginning to see some improvement in our lives as we assess, give thanks and continue to support those around us less fortunate.  As we continue to pick up the pieces from the wrath of Sandy, the below note from the Administration highlights the following:

Power issues, tomorrow’s elections, public transportation, FEMA claims, donations, garbage pick up and parking regulations.

Besides the all important presidential election tomorrow, there are several local issues on the ballot of importance.  SCHOOL BOARDS:  As many of you know, I have worked with the Kids First team for years.  Many thanks to all who have supported these great leaders and policy makers which continue to cut waste, improve the efficiency, eliminate patronage, introduce new programs, improve public school education and increase our property values by putting Kids First.

Please see their most recent flyer below, and vote K-L-M for Kluepfel, Mitchell & McAllister.  I can guarantee you that the other slate supported by the minority council members and financed with contributions that violate campaign finance reform we passed last year will attempt voter fraud.  They will try to take advantage of the hurricane and possible low voter turn out as a result.  Please vote, as all polling locations are powered up and ready to go! 

Public Question Number 3:  I favor moving the elections to November (like the school board election tomorrow) and eliminating the run off.  Consolidating elections in November makes it easier to vote, and increase voter turn out.  A much higher voter turn out mitigates the abuses like what we’ve seen with hundreds of illegal absentee ballots.  It also reduces taxpayer costs associated with multiple elections.  

Public Question Number 1:  Would eliminate the need for a runoff election (currently if you don’t get to 50% of the vote as a municipal candidate the first go-around, you have to run in an additional and unnecessary election a couple weeks later – something that has never changed the course of a Hoboken Mayoral race), while Question 3 would move the elections from May to November.  Please VOTE YES to BOTH questions 1 and 3.  

Thank you for your indulgence.  Let me know if you have any additional questions, and please pass on as you see fit.

Council President Cunningham at the Elks with Mayor Zimmer and Governor Christie

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