It’s 11:00 am, do you know where the Leprecons are?

The commercial event today publicized as Leprecon is officially underway with bars opening to welcome visitors for their bar crawl.

Based on feedback early on leading into the event, the numbers of people anticipated will be less and combined with the planning and added law enforcement, Hoboken should see a better day than in recent years.

Downtown beer distributor sees no lines this year for keg pickups.

The weather is clearing but it remains to be seen if Hoboken will be overrun with the sheer numbers in the waves of thousands as before.  Early indications are showing shorter lines at bars although with the weather improving more people are arriving. noted this from a reader:

”The Cops are out in packs like the muffin tops. A West New York van is parked in front of the fire house at 8th and Clinton and there are a bazillion cops greeting people at the PATH. OMG! So many! It looks like a police state out there.”

One reader noted last night Pilsner Haus is calling today the 1st annual parade-less St. Patrick’s Day.  That’s rather novel.


Talking Ed Note: While being urged by the marketing of Leprecon, perhaps the marks are not so easily being conned.  The end result could mean both a good day for business and a livable day for residents.  Oh perish the thought.

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