300 Washington Fire Fundraiser raises over $15,000

Last night Room 84 swam with good will on behalf of the victims of the fire at 300 Washington Street.  The collective efforts of many individuals and local businesses resulted in a total of over $15,000 raised.

Room 84 was filled to the gills last night.  It was all for a good cause.

Hundreds of people came out ignoring the high winds and pouring rain to come together and help others in the community who lost everything in the  fire.  Da Horsey arrived later than planned but managed to find Room 84 owner Joe Branco who was all smiles and had the house jamming to good tunes to go along with the good vibes.

Some familiar faces included Councilman Dave Mello, the mayor’s Chief of Staff Dan Bryan, Health and Human Services Director Leo Pellegrini, and Alan Skontra of Hoboken Patch.  There’s many people we likely missed as it was a full house.

Hoboken local businessman Rory Chadwick who worked with a number of dedicated volunteers and the business community said, “The place was packed more than I thought.  With the lingering weather and high winds I thought people might not come…  It’s truly amazing what happens when people get together and help their community.”

Talking Ed Note: A proud night for Hoboken. If you’d like to make a contribution, you still can, just email or

Contributions are being organized through the Hoboken Rotary Club and are tax deductible.

Nine of 17 of the residents of 300 Washington St. had no insurance and certainly would appreciate any assistance you can offer.

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