ipulse to the rescue


Hoboken is home to lots of businesses offering many services. Few fall into the category of “saved in the nick of time.”

According to some statistics, the average person reaches for their smartphone 100 times a day. Whether it’s a quick email, text or phone call – the reliability and critical availability of access to communications plays a bigger role in many lives.

Most however don’t have backups to their phones or tablets. What to do when the inevitable crash or glass befalls an unplanned accident?

Down by the Hoboken PATH and right next door Teak is ipulse. They handle all kinds of repair issues for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Walk-in service is available to fix a screen or solve a problem same day, sometimes same hour.

The team at ipulse is conveniently located near the PATH for
smartphone, tablet and laptop repairs. 

Looking to make a bang locally reaching thousands in Hoboken? Drop a line and let MSV show you how:

Inventory of new products available too:

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