A Stick in the Unity?

Rumors planted by the pro Old Guard rag Hudson Reporter of Old Guard unity heading into 2017 may be premature.

May be is a polite way of putting it.

While Anthony “Stick” Romano is emerging as the candidate most likely to take on Mayor Dawn Zimmer for the big chair at City Hall next year, the unity of “the OG” beyond the machinery gearing up at election time is MIA a year out from the Hoboken mayoral campaign.

Anthony “Stick” Romano appearing at the MSTA seminar last year. He decried labeling Hoboken a small town and urged the audience, “Don’t read the blogs.”

Mayor Zimmer will face challenges too. Third terms are always a dicey proposition and the words “Zimmer fatigue” could induce what is best described as “the Hillary effect,” a lack of enthusiasm to vote for the candidate sans the corruption, lying and pay to play schemes.

For the mayor, the kindling can ignite with another rebellion for mandatory bike lanes on narrow side streets under discussion. Earlier this year, the insistence on protected bike lanes on Washington St. saw both the public and business community in a unified outcry finally dying down when the City Council wouldn’t vote to approve the idea.

Anthony “Stick” Romano is gearing up or not, depending on who you talk to about fundraising efforts. He’s out asking people for money to his campaign. Which one?

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