Instant replay: a 2011 attack on speech by Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti

ALast September, another attempt in a failed series of efforts was made attacking speech. The target: the Hoboken Zoning Board seat held by Grafix Avenger.  Here’s a short clip of Councilwoman Beth Mason going ballistic as she is not legally permitted to make a prepared attack on a sitting board member from the Council dais.

She’s invited to make her personal attack to the press by Council President Ravi Bhalla as she wishes but without jeopardizing the City with legal exposure.  This enrages Mason who has been tripped up by the law.

Mason never released her prepared statement to the media nor did it appear on the website where she runs her political operations, Hoboken411.  Doing so would have made her a legal target where the City would not be in the unfortunate position of paying her legal fees.

At the same meeting last September, it came out it’s Tim Occhipinti who has called the Hoboken Police Department and made a complaint against the political satire on Grafix Avenger where she mockingly wrote she wanted to join the FBI and shoot a doorknob while applying Star Trek’s Spock Vulcan grip while make arrests of Hoboken’s corrupt criminal class.

That anyone would take such farce and attempt to make it “a credible threat,” as Tim Occhipinti did speaks for itself.

Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti both felt this satire was a reference to them.  Well who is Da Horsey to say they aren’t the corrupt targets of federal law enforcement being lampooned in the satirical piece.

Guilty is as guilty does.

The original story last September: Occhipinti outed as source of police complaint; Mason explodes demanding to make illegal statement after closed session

Talking Ed Note: For many, the irony is inescapable.  Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti are teaming up again to attack the speech of a Hoboken resident and impose unconstitutional procedures for her removal from the Hoboken Zoning Board unrelated to her unpaid work there.

There outta be a law – at least it’s clear they think so.  Funny in pushing forward an ordinance to remove board members, neither Mason or Occhipinti voiced such an idea regarding Councilman Michael Russo when he was caught trading on his office in the FBI surveillance video at a Jersey City restaurant with Solomon Dwek.  He held a seat on the Hoboken Housing Authority and bragged about his getting another resident a seat on the HHA.

Neither Mason nor Occhipinti expressed any desire to see Russo removed from the HHA.
Demonstrating once again, it’s not decent government their after, but the removal of a Hoboken mom’s rights to speech under the First Amendment.

Attempting to use the authority of our local government to do so is pathetic.

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