InsiderNJ: Michael Flett to join DeFusco at-large ticket

According to a report on InsiderNJ, Hoboken resident and businessman Michael Flett will be joining him as an at-large council candidate in the November election for mayor and council.

Among his reasons, Flett says taxes should be lowered with the increasing tax base but under Mayor Zimmer have remained flat.

The council seat is one of three for at-large up this November meaning DeFusco has two additional seats to identify and fill. 
Councilman Mike DeFusco is adding Hoboken resident Michael Flett
to his council at-large ticket according to InsiderNJ.
Talking Ed Note: Carmelo Garcia is raising money for the DeFusco campaign according to one source. The question here: does Michael Flett know this and what will he think of having the notorious Mr. Carmelo as a campaign colleague and potential at-large council candidate. 

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