BOMBSHELL: Mayor Zimmer bowing out for re-election and third term

According to a bombshell evening report on Hudson County View, Mayor Dawn Zimmer is bowing out of her re-election effort set for this November.

No reasons for the possible withdrawal are confirmed in the story. A press conference is set tomorrow for 11:00 am at City Hall.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer since 2009 has led what’s called the Hoboken Reform Movement. She’s carried Hoboken through the risk of bankruptcy and checked spending, held the line on taxes, built parks and saved Hoboken University Medical Center.

In recent months, a number of infrastructure efforts have been underway and the major push with Rebuild by Design. All those efforts may need to be completed under a new mayor come January.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer is reportedly bowing out in her re-election bid.
No confirmation on the breaking story is available as to why.
This photo is from her uptown fundraiser with Phil Murphy.

Hoboken’s big mayoral election is just over four months away.

MSV has not been able to confirm the details of this story as of 10:25 pm but believes there is credibility to the basic premise.

Talking Ed Note: If true, this is the end of an era in Hoboken. Already speculation has risen about who will take the mantle of Reform and questions are circulating on who would be best qualified to move Hoboken forward.

Among the names arising within Reform with this bombshell: Council President Jen Giattino, Councilman at-large Ravi Bhalla and Councilwoman and Hoboken Democratic Chair Tiffanie Fisher.

Related 11:55 pm: InsiderNJ reporting that Ravi Bhalla says he will be running for mayor and it will be announced tomorrow at City Hall during the 11:00 press conference.

While Hoboken is hearing who Mayor Zimmer is prepared to announce as a potential successor already, it doesn’t know why the state of the City is being tossed into an electoral sweepstakes free for all with about four months to Election Day.

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