Unaffiliated Independents can vote on June 7th too: Column C – for Ravi Bhalla

Bhalla for Assembly
Dear Friends,

My name is Ravi Bhalla. I write to introduce myself to you and respectfully request your support for my candidacy to be your State Assembly representative in the 33rd Legislative District which covers Hoboken, large parts of Jersey City, Weehawken, and Union City

I am an independent Democrat running in Column C, working to end the traditional political machine culture of patronage, inefficiency, high taxes, and under-performing schools. I am also an elected member of Hoboken’s City Council.

For those of you who are not aware, I am an attorney by profession who addresses issues of state and municipal law every day as a part of my law practice. I was born and raised in New Jersey and am the son of hardworking immigrant parents. I also am the product of New Jersey public schools, where my studies eventually led me to the University of California, Berkeley for my Bachelors degree, the London School of Economics for my Masters Degree in Public Policy and Public Administration; and Tulane University for my Law Degree. You can learn more about me here.

In Hoboken, where I am a member of the City Council, I have worked with Mayor Dawn Zimmer and my Council colleagues to reduce taxes by 10% over the past year while Jersey City and Hudson County keep increasing taxes. I have also introduced campaign finance reform in Hoboken, working to ensure political decisions are made in the best interests of the community and not individuals. 

You can learn more about me and my positions on my website I respectfully request your support on election day, Tuesday, June 7. 

Please vote for me, Ravi Bhalla, in Democrat in Column “C” for Change!

Councilman Ravi S. Bhalla
Candidate for New Jersey General Assembly
33rd Legislative District

p.s. Expect a few more emails from me and my supporters over the coming days in the lead up to election day.

Find us @ Join me @

Talking Ed Note:  It’s important people know unaffiliated independents (small i) can vote on Tuesday on Column C and put Ravi Bhalla on his way to an Assembly seat.  After the election you can always change back to registered independent if you choose.

Hoboken may in fact decide the outcome of this race.  If you want two voices from Hoboken, you can go with both Ruben Ramo and Ravi Bhalla.

Word is out on the street the other candidate from Jersey City, Sean Connors is in trouble with the political forces there and in Union City.  A whisper campaign suggests people have been told and will be voting for Ravi Bhalla.

Reform could be on its way here.  More on this come in a special “Grist for the Mill: the Assembly Edition.”

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