Beth Mason to MSV at Council meeting “Why are you late?”

The glue is coming apart with the FBI recently visiting Hoboken and MSV gives you exhibit A testifying to that fact.  Here’s a video clip of the appearance on the infamous witch hunt for emails in the Beth Russo resolution well, it’s before the discussion on the resolution itself.

First some background, after a long day like others, the last place you want to be on a beautiful day is at a City Council meeting, let alone feeling compelled to speak at a Council meeting.  What does one do when jammed up and doing a million things like so many others in our bustling town?

Even with your name appearing on a nonsensical political resolution as a secondary target, even with your website being named in a Beth Russo repeated staged attack, it isn’t always at the top of your ways to spend an evening.

Arriving more than an hour after the meeting began, there was plenty of time to sign up, on arrival folks were complaining about an hour long discussion on solar panels with the resolution list hardly underway.

What you are going to see here is the lead in to the remarks on the Beth Russo hand ove all the emails resolution.  I don’t believe any council chair has ever accused a member of the public who is signed up to speak on a resolution of being late.

That’s right, Beth Mason became so crazed by MSV not attending the meeting at the start time, she goes on the attack accusing there’s a plot for “late” attendance.  You have to see it to believe it.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano notices she’s again inverted the speaking list and asks her to take the people in order as members of the public who have signed earlier are protesting.  She’s responding to Margaret O’Brien who was sitting in the front and complaining.  You can’t hear them off mic, but everyone in the room could.  Scott Siegel was annoyed to the extent where he also states his complaint aloud.

Beth Mason’s reaction to all this shows the FBI’s visit to Hoboken is having an effect.  And here we give you Exhibit A in Beth Mason’s bizzaro world:

Talking Ed Note:  It only gets more interesting.  Wait until you see how Beth Mason and Mike Russo react to a clear yes or no question.

Maybe you will have the same reaction as the FBI.

More to come.

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