Hunter Biden, Biden Family Corruption #Sexytime

A New York Post story containing alleged emails from an apparently abandoned Biden family laptop at a Delaware computer repair store is making waves today.

The emails point to efforts by Hunter Biden, the son of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden to have his father meet senior figures with Burisma, the Ukraine based energy company flooded by corruption charges in recent years.

The release of the alleged emails tying the Biden Family to Burisma came apparently from the owner of the Delaware-based computer store, not federal law enforcement.

Joe Biden has stated there’s never been a “scintilla” of evidence pointing to any such connection.

The Delaware-based computer store after numerous months-long efforts to return the laptop to its owner was then turned over to the FBI late last year under a subpoena order. There’s no comment from the Feds other than a non-comment about investigations. The silence however is a reminder for many of the withheld exculpatory information about the Russia Collusion Hoax which plunged the nation into non-stop corporate media coverage of imagined “Russia collusion” by the Trump campaign back in 2016.

The din in the distance is the scrambling to make the story go away with the fake impeachment and all manner of corruption. 

Will the last person holding down the fort for the Biden Crime Family, shut off the lights so the Russians, Chinese Communists and Ukraine millions hitting Biden bank accounts doesn’t trip over itself?

Devon Archer is a partner of Hunter Biden and faces sentence for fraud and is a connecting piece to Burisma in Ukraine.

Talking Ed Note: For those wondering why this is covered here, the censorship has reached a crescendo where this major corruption story is being blocked admittedly by #Theftbook (Facebook) and now Twitter.
Here’s what happens if anyone tries to share the NY Post story on Twitter:

Is Big Tech, including Twitter political operative publishing “partners” of the Democrat Party?
Update: This news bombshell gets bigger and bigger. After earlier claiming the NY Post story was somehow dangerous or something, they shifted their censorship reasoning to “hacking.”
Twitter provided no evidence the emails from the recovered laptop abandoned at a Delaware computer shop were ever hacked but the illogical declaration followed with a series of additional censorship countermeasures.
Among them, the White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany saw her Twitter account locked for posting the actual email as seen above in this Hoboken Horse Mile Square exclusive. 
Out of all the people talking about the now disappeared NY Post bombshell story, it was merely accidental the McEnany tweet was selected to highlight additional background on this breaking story.
In addition, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani held a special episode of his YouTube show “Common Sense” and is promising there will be more revelations to come citing the entirety of the scandal as a major national security threat to the United States and how the Biden Crime Family distributes the illicit proceeds from foreign governments and enemies of America.
Apparently, Joe Biden insists half of the proceeds are kicked up to him. 
What was the $3.5 million paid by Russians, the millions from Chinese Communists and Ukraine monies paid to the Biden Crime family for exactly?
How come you don’t hear any of the Democrat Corporate Media even offering a reason?
Rudy Giuliani suggests this is all part of massive criminality and says the Southern District of New York failed to move on any of this evidence back to the fall of 2019 adding federal law enforcement has done nothing since.
The more you know…

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