Be like the Swedes and follow The Herd?

As fall is underway, the newest political talking points on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus continue to morph. 

What began in the spring over 45 days to flatten the curve has become a political weapon to deprive Americans and Soprano State residents of civil liberties as the conversation referenced here the lockdowns are a failure weeks ago. The pandemic blew through this area and the state months ago leaving mostly single digit deaths since.

Cases have become the new mortality figure as the replacement political fear therapy.

Hoboken hasn’t seen a loss in months and those were mostly very elderly with underlying conditions. The CCP Virus is lingering but it’s lethality has slid. Fear however continues to be sold in many states as other states show a brand of leadership such as South Dakota and Florida, often criticized but seen as being pragmatically correct. The apocalypse wished on Florida over the summer because of sunbathing never materialized. The spike in the south has dropped by two-thirds and the corporate media is mum about it.

Cracks however are forming in the oppression as even the WHO is pointing out the lockdown  created massive amounts of poverty, hunger and suffering around the globe.

Even as the survival rate of those infected under age 40 stands at 99.98% and well over 94% for those even into their 70s, the brainwashing has created reactionary fear for many. 

What do you saw when you see someone in Hoboken brandishing public fear their college age children are at risk going to college? Does logic matter when the data says they are the most resistant in the range of 99.99%? One can only shake their head.

A video from Stockholm points out how life there is “normal” while the “new normal” pushed in endless fear mongering here is wearing thin on Americans who dare to go out and breathe oxygen. In Florida, the restrictions including penalties for not wearing a mask have been eradicated by the governor. No epidemic has occurred since. But now a look from inside the sedate land of Sweden:

Talking Ed Note: President Trump who falls in the higher risk of people in their seventies caught the virus and walked into the hospital on Friday and after treatment with a new drug he championed in development, regeneron, and promptly walked right out on Monday. 

President Trump one of the first patients with the promising therapy is promising to make it widely available at no cost to victims of the CCP Virus.

Yesterday, President Trump held a peaceful protest in Florida and tonight he’ll do the same in Pennsylvania. As an aside, Joe Biden forgot again where he was, couldn’t remember who he ran against in 2008 for VP in Paul Ryan and thought it was a former governor, who he called “The Mormon.” 

Apparently, Joe Biden confused Paul Ryan with Mitt Romney. He also restated he’s running for the Senate.

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