Hudson Superior Court: No bypassing Hoboken zoning and planning boards for NY Waterway

A NY Waterway lawsuit seeking to bypass the local Hoboken board process for its marine operations was denied in Hudson Superior Court yesterday.

The ruling means NY Waterway will continue with its plans to convert Union Dry Dock into a maintenance facility for its ferries serving thousands of Hoboken residents among others but the Hoboken Zoning and Planning Boards will remain involved in their respective roles in the process.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla saluted the decision by Judge Jeffrey Jablonski stating Hoboken will renew efforts to seize the NY Waterway property by use of eminent domain. Previous efforts by the Hoboken City Council in 2017 were rescinded in 2018 with the threat of higher eminent domain powers held by NJ Transit.

The court decision “puts us one step closer to making this a reality,” the mayor claimed.

A City attorney at the hearing, Christopher Miller called the lawsuit by NY Waterway to bypass local approvals premature and declared any legal action in advance of the City of Hoboken’s acting on permits sought by the ferry operator inappropriate.

The following video report from Hudson Superior Court comes courtesy of the Hudson County View:

Talking Ed Note: The City of Hoboken beats back an accelerated effort by NY Waterway to clear the path for operations at the former Union Dry Dock. Neither eminent domain actions by Hoboken City Hall nor repeated declarations of victory, however, changes the status quo.

So, we’re in for much kabuki theater and circular eminent domain actions up the ladder signifying, wait for it…. nothing. In the end, there will need to be some common ground found.

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