Hudson Reporter Police Poll – Mugged!

The Hudson Reporter has a poll up on whether the public sides with Mayor Zimmer’s plan for the Hoboken Police Department or the Hoboken PBA.  Yesterday, the Mayor had a significant lead but the poll’s total votes was in the range of just several hundred.

Da Horsey noted to folks that lead would not last with a late push to get the PBA numbers up and so it has.  But it’s been an astronomical effort.  There’s been thousands of views overnight along with votes pushing the union’s lead well ahead.

Take a look for yourself and vote if you like.  MSV notes that the voting function is not restricted to one vote per user.  So it appears some folks have had a very busy night.  Click, click, and clickety click to you.

Paul Swibinski, please take a bow.

Paul Swibinski (r) last fall led Beth Mason’s second mayoral run.  He’s now been hired by the Hoboken PBA

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