Hoboken online polling jumps the shark

There’s been an unusual high level of interests in some local online polls with people arguing the value of the results here on the Hoboken Journal poll and also the Hudson Reporter.

Online polls particularly ones covering a short period of time are far from scientific but the interest is more like a pr tool for further arguing one point of view or another.  With this being the end of summer, it’s really interesting to see the Hudson Reporter website showing thousands of views and votes on a summer weekend.  They created a poll that permits repeated voting.  In fact, just to see the latest poll results you have to vote again.  You can blame the Hudson Reporter website for that faux pas.

On the Hoboken Journal poll featured here on MSV, repeated voting is prevented but that doesn’t mean you have to be in Hoboken to vote.  In fact one local officer, who calls himself Hitman 149 reached out to a some friends on a website and asked folks to vote in the poll here on MSV.  Nothing wrong with it really, it shows he really does care about his fellow officers:

A Hoboken Police Officer asks for help in voting on the poll on MSV.  (Click to enlarge.)

Later in the thread, the Hoboken officer describes his frustration with senior officers who won’t retire and save the jobs of the younger officers.  He concludes there are five captains in the Hoboken Police Department who could but none will.  (MSV has heard one possibly will but won’t name the individual, as that’s a privacy issue.)  Here’s how HITMAN 149 tells it:

The same officer decries the local police captains who won’t help younger officers save their jobs.

You can read the whole thread on this car enthusiast site here:,72890.0.html

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