Hospital Rally March confirmed to City Hall at 5:00 from HUMC

HUMC Employees and Hoboken residents’ message to MORTe

Hospital Rally March confirmed for 5:00 to City Hall @ 308 Willow Ave.

A rally led by the employees of Hoboken University Medical Center, first reported yesterday on MSV has been confirmed for 5:00 pm from the hospital to City Hall today.

The march is unlike any in recent memory – it’s not a group asking for financial support, higher wages, or benefits – it’s a group of employees merely asking a parking agreement already passed and essential to the hospital’s commerce be made immediate.

The parking agreement, a required component for the livelihood of the hospital will permit completion of a sale to Holdco on Tuesday, almost a week later than originally scheduled.  The licensing for the parking agreement already passed but the City Council is being asked to come up with a required sixth vote to allow the agreement to become effective.

One of the four Council members who voted no and may not have understood the ramifications when doing so must change their vote.  All four

The City Council meeting today at 6:00 promises to be unique in these and other aspects as the employees will be joined by Hoboken citizens who are stakeholders with a huge financial interest as well.  Finalizing a sale of HUMC to Holdco removes the $52 million bond guarantee the City signed on to back in 2007.  Two current City Council members Terry Castellano and Mike Russo voted to approve the controversial move – they’ve been sabotaging the sale whenever a vote on fixing it ever since.

This City Council meeting promises to be hearing a petition like no other.  The hospital employees and Hoboken residents are asking for something remarkably simple: vote yes and let us get on with our lives serving the people of Hoboken with a hospital.

At least two of the four City Council members will likely not be in attendance.  Council members Terry Castellano and Mike Russo are attending the same wedding.  Neither has indicated they will make themselves available to vote by phone.

Tim Occhipinti taking instructions from Beth Mason before a City Council meeting earlier this year.  Will he finally step up and vote to let the hospital, its employees and the City of Hoboken move ahead or will he follow marching orders putting everyone at risk of disaster?

Councilman Tim Occhipinti’s voicemail has been full but people have been texting him at  (917) 721-3826.

Councilwoman Beth Mason’s mobile number can be reached for texting and phone at  (201) 916-8244.

It’s unknown if either of them will be attending.  If all four members of MORTe – Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti, Mike Russo and Terry Castellano fail to attend or vote no via phone, the crisis for Hoboken University Medical Center and all of Hoboken continues.

The hospital’s parking agreement becomes effective 20 days from passage last Tuesday but it does not have the necessary funds to operate and achieve that objective Mayor Zimmer said.

MORTe has voted down everything place before them to allow the hospital to move ahead as an independent entity.  Last week they may not have understood the ramifications of not merely getting out of the way.  There is no such excuse later today.  

Talking Ed Note: Hospital employees and Hoboken taxpayers are not the only ones with something to lose. The creditors stand to see their hard fought settlement be vaporized.

Creditors anticipated receiving about one-third after the hospital declared bankruptcy but that’s also in jeopardy in part or whole since the City Council failed to get out of the way last Tuesday and allow the hospital sale to go through on Wednesday.

JNESO one of the hospital unions has been working with Beth Mason and stands to also earn proceeds from the settlement.  The hospital’s settlement pie is now shrinking daily meaning the creditors will be likely getting more bad news no matter what happens today.

They can make their thank you calls to Beth Mason too.

MORTe graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger.  Read GA’s story on the Russo haunted house and the politics of hatred that can cost Hoboken tens of millions:

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