Horse Sense: Hey MORTe – Get Out of the Way!

The vote to allow HUMC its independence will be held at the City Council later today.  In a previous story on Hoboken Patch, Mike Russo says he needs to look at the short and long term of what’s best for Hoboken.  Beth Mason in the same story says she is not standing in the way of the sale of the hospital.

They are both wrong.  As part of MORTe, they voted no to the hospital’s freedom.

Today another vote will take place in City Council after 6:00 pm.  That vote should be unanimous 9-0 to allow Hoboken to get out of the hospital business and allow HUMC to move forward as an independent entity with an opportunity to build a new future.

Today either by phone or in person they must vote yes.

Mason – Stop sabotaging the hospital.  It’s over – GET OUT OF THE WAY!
Occhipinti – Man up and take responsibility for YOUR vote!
Russo – There is no better short and long term option for Hoboken, period!
Terry Castellano – you voted for the hospital before, this is your last such vote.
e is for error and MORTe can fix theirs later today.

Vote yes, wish the hospital well and end this potential disaster once and for all.

Talking Ed Note: MORTe has voted down everything before them on the hospital in recent weeks.  They voted against the parking agreement and it’s a matter of record.

There’s no need to stop the hospital now from moving ahead and helping all of Hoboken.  They must vote yes or accept the consequences and the responsibility.

Graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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