Hospital Authority – The New World Order

Recent changes on the Hoboken University Medical Center hospital board is adding some flavor to the big push to propel the hospital into surplus’ projected to year’s end.  The new commissioners appointed to the Hospital Authority are very active, getting up to speed and requesting lots of information.  Earlier commissioners are weighing in more too and it’s showing signs of being a very dynamic, positive mix.

Of course, there’s going to be some growing pains in an evolving process and we’ll say more on this later with video.  For the moment, here’s the report.  Things are most definitely looking better for the hospital.  There’s numerous areas heading in the right direction and the seriousness of the changes and improvements are significant.

Last, a recent charge made about Hoboken being on the hook for $65 million in union contracts appears to be completely erroneous.  It was discussed again in the Q&A.  Hoboken has $65 million in bonds out to the hospital but no other liability should the hospital falter and close.

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