Dear Councilman Russo: ’bout that law thingy

Wednesday night was a long and busy night but there’s always time for a little showboating and grandstanding, especially if you don’t get your way.  Hoboken saw plenty of that leading into November and it was well, bloody awful the only way to describe it.  Political reality has changed some (but not all) of the grand designs of the not so young and ambitious.  Just when you think things have calmed down into a semblance of normalcy something will flare up and here’s just one example from the evening.

There’s pretty much unanimous agreement Hoboken should obtain the final results of the State’s police audit (cheap political ploys by Hobo411 notwithstanding) and just when you thought everyone was on the same page, Councilman Mike Russo, the yet unannounced mayoral candidate for 20?? decided that going to the mayor’s office the next day was a wise and noteworthy idea to obtain the draft version of the State report.  Unfortunately, that’s not exactly legal but then again, when did legality have anything to do with how the Russo clan have operated Hoboken?  Councilman Ravi Bhalla takes his colleague for a little schooling and at first you feel a bit bad for Councilman Russo, perhaps he just misspoke.  Then he doubles down and forces Councilman Bhalla to call him on the carpet.  Councilman Russo finds this all quite amusing and entertaining until the camera shifts back to him and then his laughter and smirk quickly reverts to serious legislator.  Later, on a discussion of the budget, the Councilman was stunned by audience reaction when his tedious budget questions led to the Council President recommending he pose them via email to the appropriate parties as Councilman Mike Lenz noted the discussion was far off the track of budget appropriation.  The crowd burst into spontaneous applause.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  More to say on the meeting to come.

Related: Reporter Claire Moses of has a good summary of the evening’s events.

Update: Late Friday, Mayor Zimmer announced via Twitter the report is in Hoboken.  Earlier the mayor had indicated after giving a week for Police Chief Falco and Public Safety Director Alicea to review, the report would be made public. So let’s all huddle over to Mikie Squared for a week and we’re good to go.

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