Horse Sense: Hoboken411 gets on the Beth Mason “One Hoboken” payroll (again)

Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen never one to be confused by principal, issues or sanity and to the surprise of absolutely no one dived right in heads first getting behind the Beth Mason controlled mayoral candidate Timmy Occhipinti and the Raia council slate.

That Hoboken’s infamous smear merchant and top political mercenary would go along with Beth Mason is not a surprise, that was only a matter of when not if.

That Perry Klaussen would attack the Zimmer administration vaguely suggesting they are “ethically corrupt” will not catch anyone off guard either.

It’s his bonafide endorsement of vote-by-mail ballots out of the gate raising eyebrows:

Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen, the mercenary editor in service to Beth Mason
is officially pushing her council manufactured candidate Tim Occhipinti for mayor.
The only surprise comes in his full throated endorsement of vote-by-mail fraud.

The closing line of Perry Klaussen’s lead-in is quite a tell.  “If you can’t vote in person, luckily we live in a democracy-and you can Vote By Mail,” he says.

Where are all these Hoboken Housing Authority residents in the “4-4” in the back of the fourth ward planning to be that day?

Following up with his full throated endorsement of the dog whistle video calling a minority councilman an “animal,” Hoboken411 is announcing in a sound far less than a dog whistle that massive, vote-by-mail fraud is expected!

And he’s thanking Beth Mason in advance saying he’s proud to get behind the fraud.
That’s “One Hoboken” Hoboken411 is thrilled to be getting behind.

At the last City Council meeting one Hoboken resident urged the vote-by-mail payees to hold out for $200, not the typical $40 a vote re: “campaign worker” payment they have received at election time in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

The Ruben Ramos campaign is attempting to limit the VBM damage (typically in the hundreds but growing closer to four digits in recent elections) with Carmelo Garcia having his people “educate” HHA residents to not take the money in this election cycle.  More on that tenant-landlord PR effort later.

Talking Ed Note: Does anyone see the irony in Timmy Occhipinti running again as an “independent” this time for mayor but he doesn’t even have permission to come up with his own campaign theme?

In 2009, Beth Mason ran her distant third place campaign under the banner “One Hoboken.” She’s clearly not over the devastating defeat and is using her surrogate Tim Occhipinti to fulfill the unrequited love she didn’t get from Hoboken voters.

Let’s dedicate this Horse Sense editorial to all Hobokenites who stand up against vote-by-mail fraud.

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