HHA’s Carmelo Garcia promotes Hoboken411 smear of Councilman Bhalla


Smear and dehumanization of Councilman Bhalla hearkens back to violence and murder against South Asians in Hoboken

Controversial Hoboken Housing Authority Executive Director Carmelo Garcia promoted via Facebook a Hoboken411 article smearing Ravi Bhalla featuring the council meeting video where fellow Ruben Ramos backer Perry Belfiore calls the minority councilman “an animal.”

Garcia who has advocated other local websites be “denounced” at a recent meeting alleging “misinformation” about his stewardship and Vision 20/20 redevelopment at the HHA is oddly advocating for the notorious website where iron-fisted censorship is the norm and smear jobs of residents, city employees, local officials, local businesses and even the local hospital have been a Beth Mason sponsored staple over years.

Both Belfiore and Garcia are intimate supporters of Assemblyman Ruben Ramos’ run for mayor.  Last Thursday evening both Belfiore and Garcia were seen outside the Ramos HQ offices conversing with campaign staff.

Has Carmelo Garcia ever once denounced the years long defamation of so many in the community by Hoboken411?  It appears not as the Old Guard is united in respect to smearing a minority councilman.

Back in 1987, insulting South Asians was the least of the problems as a gang of local teens attacked and killed one South Asian in Hoboken who was visiting a local cafe.

Carmelo Garcia who is under fire for secretly taping others and trying
to “set them up” for his lawsuit is trumpeting another Hoboken411 smear job.

Are Perry Belfiore, Carmelo Garcia and Hoboken411 hearkening back to the “good old days working together in a familiar dog whistle leading into Election Day?

A local racist group calling themselves “Dotbusters” in a letter to the Jersey Journal publicly vowed to rid the area of South Asians and were responsible for more than a dozen attacks in less than a year.  One attack led to the murder of one victim in Hoboken back in the late 80’s.

One of the four teens sentenced in the savage attack which led to the death of Navroze Mody has been on the payroll of the HHA under Carmelo Garcia in recent years. Employee records out of the HHA are not readily available even to HHA commissioners under Garcia’s less than transparent “leadership,” and it’s unknown if limited employee records are accurate.

At the time of the sentencing for the crime leading to the coma and death of Navroze Mody, many in the Indian community felt neither “karma” or “justice” was served.

Related: Background on the local areas’s “Dotbusters” and the systematic violence they delivered as retold in a paper written by Elizabeth Guttierez.

This story is dedicated to the memory of Navroze Mody who was murdered in Hoboken while visiting a cafe with a friend in 1987.

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