Hoboken’s Vote by Mail leaders of the pack

Another tidbit to the post-election analysis, the Vote by Mail is being further analyzed with candidate totals.

Candidate Vote by Mail tallies:
Peter Biancamano             466
Fran Rhodes Kearns         452
Patricia Waiters                 131
Bryan Murray                     108
Monica Stromwall               77
Sharyn Angley                    75
Antonio Gray                       69
Lynn Danzker                      66
Winners of the Vote by Mail derby: Fran Rhodes Kearns and Peter Biancamano.
Horse Sense analysis: There’s a few takeaways one may conclude about these figures. Clearly, when the top two VBM winners are this free and clear with totals almost exceeding the entire field, there’s been a significant operation in putting them there.
Here it is 2014 and history repeating itself with the numbers submitted almost the same in the 2010 fourth ward special election for Timmy Occhipinti and in this race for Biancamano and Kearns. Quite the anomaly.
In the ways of Hoboken past, these are but the “traditions” on Election Day. Hearing the stories from back in the day, they are rife with polling machines being carted into the back of bars and set to get the desired results. This was commonplace quite literally and figuratively depending on who had their hand on the voting “machinery.”
As Hoboken changes, some things will not change even as the century has rolled turning the page. Is Hoboken in the 21st century or mid 20th back to its “On the Waterfront” colorful past?
Elections in Hoboken are definitely changing. Families are taking root, staying in the Mile Square like never before and this has changed the minority of voters from select corners used to dictating election outcomes for the majority of residents. 
Old Hoboken is split, some embracing change and the Reform platform as others look to the Old Guard as a favor bank available toward an uncertain date and time in the future. Over decades, it was Old Hoboken getting jacked with underperforming schools while the Old Guard “elite” sent their children to private schools and used the public schools as a Tammany Hall power center looting its budget and a patronage mill with zero accountability.
The Old Guard is desperate to maintain power seeking to snare Old Hoboken as a default while appealing to “newcomer” low information voters offering superficial palatable options who “appear like you” in the form of a Peter Cammarano or Timmy Occhipinti. 
They however do not think like you or meet any minimum of cultural norms of professionalism in running government in the 21st century. The Old Guard isn’t changing. The arrest and conviction of Peter Cammarano saw their retooled focus on retaking the levers of government and all the goodies that go with it. They are in a word intractable and nothing short of arrests and convictions will see the Hoboken political landscape changed.
The Vote by Mail fraud in our midst is Exhibit A. Will law enforcement finally remove this scourge from our midst? It’s an absolute embarrassment to the State of New Jersey as the perpetrators have no shame exploiting the most vulnerable population within the Mile Square.
Hoboken continues to be insulted with limp defenses of “voter suppression.” As if. Someone has to step up to the plate. In the meantime, it’s Hoboken’s version of caveat emptor – let the voter beware.

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