Hoboken’s New Web Additions Join the Party

Hoboken has seen some websites come and some go.  A large urban population in the Mile Square City generates lots of areas for coverage but not full time gigs.  Well that’s about to change.  At the last City Council meeting, our colleague over at, Amy Sara Clark (who does the absolute finest real time reporting work on the City Council by the way) noted her stand-in during vacation, Claire Moses would be taking on a new position for a full time Hoboken website operation at  We’ve mentioned this previously during our dual team operation live blog with the big green vegetable at the Hoboken Journal but it’s about to launch so it deserves it’s own mention.  The word on the street is it goes live tomorrow.  Take a look at their main site and you can see Hoboken listed as “coming soon.”

In addition, we are also going to add HobokenCityGuide back to our blog list.  This aggregator has revamped it’s site to become the largest local collection of information for Hoboken and beyond.  It’s scale of stories covering local news, arts, etc. is huge and really terrific to zero in on any area of interest.  On the local news front, it carries both Mile Square View and the Hoboken Journal with actual credit, something you would never see the thief aggregator in town do.

So we’d like to wish both ventures success in 2010.  Hoboken is best served with the broadest coverage and we heartily welcome these additions to the community.

Welcome aboard!

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