Haiti Earthquake – Please help with $10 now

Many will do more and we applaud it as the devastation in Haiti from one of the most destructive earthquakes in our region has stuck this impoverished island.  President Clinton is seeking immediate funding support to act quickly and save as many lives as possible.
In this regard all you need to do is reach for your phone and text just the word “Haiti” to 20222.  For the moment this is maybe the best many of us can do.  Please pass the word.  And hit the mobile before you forget to make an immediate $10 donation.

A text will come back asking you to confirm and the total is added to your bill when you reply YES. shows those details.

Talking Ed Note: Although MSV recognizes this will be saturated in your news, the reason for the emphasis here is the dire time requirement in any rescue efforts.  Haiti is ill equipped to do so as it does not have the equipment and trained manpower.  In addition, the loss of life here will likely be much higher as a result of adding in the sheer magnitude of the quake, a 7.0 on the richter scale.  A magnitude 7.0 earthquake generates 10 times larger amplitude waves than those of a magnitude 6.0, and releases 32 times more energy.  

President Clinton emphasized that the funds raised through this effort will be moved immediately to save lives and this prompted the post.  Again, we ask you to consider an immediate $10 donation via your mobile phone.  Time is of the essence.  For longer range donations, please consider:

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