Hoboken’s first responders give thanks for community uniting with NJ Transit crash

     On Thursday
September 29th, 2016 at 8:45am every working Hoboken Police, Fire and EMS unit
responded to the NJ Transit Train Terminal for a reported train accident. The
accident left over one hundred people injured, and sadly took the life of another.  Along with Hoboken first responders, Stevens
PD, Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, Port
Authority, North Bergen, Union City, West New York, Secaucus, Jersey City and
Weehawken Police and Fire Departments responded and assisted throughout the day
and night. Many local businesses and residents came out to support our first
responders that day and we’d like to take a moment to recognize and thank them
     Our first thank
you goes out to Texas Arizona and Cadillac Cantina for allowing us to use the
establishments as staging areas. Next we’d like to thank Dunkin Donuts,
1Republik, Chipotle, Starbucks, Jimmy Johns, Carlos Bakery, Panera Bread,
Empanadas Café, Tony Boloney, Green Rock Bar & Grill, Fran’s Deli, Kings Supermarket,
Del Frisco’s, Planet Mac, ChocoPain, Coca Cola, How Commets, as well as the
Beta Theta Pi, Chi Phi, Delta Phi Epsilon, Delta Tau Delta, Kappa Sigma, Phi
Sigma Sigma, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Nu, Omega Phi Beta and Theta Phi Alpha
Greek houses from Stevens Campus, Hoboken Resident Silvia Santagati and
Lawrenceville Resident Sikh Sabha Temple. Last, but not certainly not least,
thank you to Hoboken C.E.R.T. 

     Thank you all for
your kindness and generosity and for essentially taking care of us while we
were trying to take care of the city. On behalf of everyone involved that day,
we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. All that you did to help was truly
     In all of the
chaos we may not have gotten everyone’s names, so if there’s anyone we left out
please accept our apology.

Hoboken PBA & PSOA Local #2

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