Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen put on defamatory warning in scurrilous attack on Tiffanie Fisher

Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen in October ‘defamatory’ surprise against Tiffanie Fisher

Hoboken411 is dead to most residents of the Mile Square City although Beth Mason hasn’t hosted the funeral yet for her “favorite new site.”

Most in Hoboken are all too familiar with the notorious Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 but what’s news is a legal warning issued for an alleged defamatory attack by him today on council candidate Tiffanie Fisher.

Fisher is a second ward City Council candidate primed to challenge for the seat occupied by lame duck Councilwoman Beth Mason.  As many are aware, there’s an election for Hoboken council seats this Tuesday.

Earlier today, Hoboken411 tossed a stink bomb writing that Tiffanie Fisher owed money in judgements against her. Fisher denies it and informed Klaussen it’s not true. She then had a lawyer send him a letter via email to emphasize the point there are in fact no outstanding judgments against her.

Of course Klaussen was fed the story by someone and never bothered to even try to confirm the political hit job or contact Fisher or her campaign.

Is Beth Mason going to be funding more lawyers?

Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen, (c) notorious owner of the cybersewer may be in trouble again.
He published a scurrilous attack on second ward council candidate Tiffanie Fisher saying
she is a “deadbeat” with judgments against her. Fisher denied there’s any open judgement and
both she and her attorney informed Klaussen today. 

Pablo Fonseca, speaking on behalf of the Peter Biancamano council campaign emphatically denied any involvement or support for the Hoboken411 attack saying, “This is something we have nothing to do with. We’ll continue to run a positive campaign.”

Fonseca added if anyone associated in any way with the campaign was discovered involved in the attack on Fisher, immediate action would follow. “People not following the protocol will be asked to leave. We’re running a 100% positive campaign on the issues.”

Tiffanie Fisher in a statement acknowledged both she and her attorney had notified Klaussen of his misstep. She said the false and defamatory story was published without any inquiry to either her or the campaign and he’s been informed of his “reckless disregard for the truth.”

Fisher said there are no judgments against her and a tax bill from the State of NJ was paid last year.

Talking Ed Note: This is some dirty pool Hoboken’s witnessed throughout the day.

As many know, Klaussen is well known for his bizarre views on politics and women but he’s lost his Beth Mason ghostwriter political operative who wrote almost all his political “content” for years back when the FBI came on the scene at Hoboken City Hall in 2011.

A Hoboken411 FBI story was shown in the Bajardi v Pincus litigation to have been written by Beth Mason’s years long political advisor Lane Bajardi. Worse the emails the FBI was investigating stolen from the mayor’s office turned out to be in his possession.

OOPS! Looks like Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen stepped into it again.

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