Eduardo Gonazalez text’s you for votes: whether you like it or not

The Old Guard is not joking about this election. They’re pulling all the stops, legal, illegal and shades of illegalities running rampant as we crawl to Election Day.

Speaking of illegalities, MSV requested comment from the Ruben Ramos campaign on the descent of election investigators on 400 First St. based on the breaking report on Grafix Avenger yesterday. In that GA updated report, the headline says:

Well over 50% of registered voters in 400 First St. voted by absentee (Vote-by-Mail) ballot.
How did such a Festivus miracle occur and can anyone offer a scientific explanation for this Flo?

All silent on the southwest front.

Here’s Exhibit A on another front:

One MSV reader submitted this minutes ago unsure how their private phone number was obtained but described its abuse writing:

“I’ve never signed up for anything related to the Gonzalez campaign, and therefore, these text messages are illegal (I think) according to the FCC. 

These guys are getting desperate.

I’m not a legal expert so I’m not 100% sure it’s against the law. But spamming potential voters is pretty pathetic.”

Talking Ed Note: It’s Halloween, or for some of us the eve of All Saints Day when the power of Our Lord’s light redeems the chaos from the darkness.
For the time being, consider Hoboken under the spell of the Darksiders. Take precautions and be careful out there.
For now, keep a watchful eye and remember, her blob like expenditures are infecting at a moment’s turn everywhere as seen below and many of our resident’s mailboxes.
Godspeed and St. Michael’s light of protection on the Giattino family. 
Masonic pollution creep. Beware the Darksiders!
Da Horsey hasn’t forgotten you. This is not a normal weekend. More to come.
Spread the word; voters are our friends.

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